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Submission Guidlines

1 - Websites with adult related content, under construction etc.are not accepted.
2 - For reciprocal links, backlink should be at the same domain.
3 - We will accept top level domains mostly, except for featured or express links.
4 - Payment for paid links will be accepted by paypal only.
5 - If link not accepted, submission fee will be refunded in full.
6 - Upon link submission, a verification e-mail will be sent to your specified e-mail address.
7 - Unverified links will be deleted after 7 days of your submission.
8 - Title more than 37 characters and description more than 250 characters will not accepted.
9 - Deep links are not accepted for Regular link submissions.
10 - Regular links are accepted only for sub categories. Please do not submit regular links in the Main Category.
11 - We check the approved links on monthly basis. Websites found with errors ( website down, 404, 500 etc.) will be removed while checking without any notice to the users.
12 - Only 10 paid links will be displayed on random basis at the right hand side of our home page.
13 - Websites submitted in the wrong category will be removed permanently. Multiple wrong submissions may lead to ban in future.

Submission Type
$25.00 (For Life Time)
-> 24 Hours Review
-> Guaranteed Inclusion
-> Internal pages accepted
$15.00 (For 2 Years Only)
-> 24 Hours Review
-> Guaranteed Inclusion
-> Internal pages accepted
-> Review time: 1-2 days
(Only for Subcatgories)
-> 10-15 days to review
-> NO Guarantee
-> Internal pages are NOT accepted

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